California PRC Strategic

$400.00 / year

We’re creating a statewide SEO and Google Ad Campaign focused on reaching women and men in California searching for abortion. Individual centers will pay a $400 monthly fee to be included in the campaign, $75 will go toward the management fee and $325 will go toward the paid campaign budget.

Here’s what’s included:

  • We will create an abortion pill focused website that will allow you to compete with national abortion websites.
  • Every Pregnancy Center that participates will receive an individual landing page on the new website and can target up to 4 areas surrounding their location. Centers with multiple locations will receive a landing page for each location. These landing pages will help increase the SEO of the new website, as well as provide a very strong SEO impact back to your individual website.
  • We will be running a robust paid Google ads campaign targeted to your area. The campaign will be tightly focused on high converting abortion-related keywords.
  • We will provide monthly reporting and conversion tracking with details of campaign performance.

The campaigns initial goal is to get 15 center to participate in order to raise $6,000 monthly. 

  • $4,875 paid ad budget
  • $1,125 management fee
  • WordPress Website with SEO
  • Hosting with SSL
  • Individual center landing pages
  • Website updates
  • Paid ad management
  • Monthly reporting


For now, the money you paid is being held in a fund while we gain participation from the pregnancy centers in your state. If we do not move forward with this campaign for some reason, you will receive a full refund. Once the campaign is live, our services require a 3 month commitment; after that, services are month-to-month.

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