California PRC Strategic

$400.00 / month

We’re creating a statewide SEO and Google Ad Campaign focused on reaching women and men in California searching for abortion.

By pooling our resources, we create a paid campaign that delivers results alongside national campaign budgets. The statewide campaign offers your pregnancy clinic an opportunity for cost-effective participation in paid advertising, while also harnessing the collective strength of a national campaign to reach a significant number of individuals seeking abortion.

Campaign Benefits

  • Abortion-Minded Leads: You’ll receive abortion-minded leads each month. The clinics currently participating are receiving 5-10 leads per month. The more clinics that join the campaign, the more leads everyone will receive.
  • Dedicated Landing Page: You’ll have a dedicated landing page on the website, which will link back to your main website. This linkage will bolster your local SEO results.
  • Local and Surrounding Area Ranking: The website will rank not only in your local area but also in the surrounding areas. This broader reach will help you connect with more women and men in need of your services.
  • Larger Budget: By participating in a statewide campaign, we’ll have a larger budget at our disposal. This enables us to compete with national advertisers and those with larger budgets.

California PRC Strategic Details

  • We’ve developed an abortion-focused website, enabling you to compete effectively with national abortion websites.
  • Every participating Pregnancy Center will have an individual landing page on the website. Clinics with multiple locations will receive dedicated landing pages for each site.
  • Our comprehensive paid Google Ads campaign will cover the entire state of California, targeting high-converting abortion-related keywords.
  • We will provide monthly reporting and conversion tracking, delivering in-depth insights into campaign performance.


Our services require a 3 month commitment; after that, services are month-to-month.

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